Digital things from the 2016 Ontario budget

This post by Grahame Rivers describes three digital things included in the 2016 Ontario budget:

  1. Ontario’s Digital Office has been launched.
  2. Public participation in the budget process led to people suggested initiatives being included in the budget.
  3. Ontario drivers can now provide electronic proof of auto insurance. This may be news to some, but in a poor country like India, police and government have long been accepting photos of a Driver’s License as valid. It is good to see Ontario catch up to this practice.
  4. As a bonus, the budget also makes efforts to increase Digital literacy and inclusion.

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Ontario’s public accounts go digital

Ontario’s public accounts are now available in a downloadable format. This blog post provides details on the same.

The visualizations are certainly useful tools to help newbies learn the topic. But it bears keeping in mind that ever since public accounts have been kept, spending and accounting has been done without visualisations and have brought us to the state we are in today.